Real Colors

After 2 weeks, I saw this book when I entered D & R to get myself an ’airplane book’ for a long journey. I’ve seen two other books of the author before, and I thought your names were pathetic. I liked the name of this book and I got it when I found out it was about sisters on the back. I get it sometimes! I hook up, I’m hooked. This could be a book or a person.

I read the True Colors I bought 2 days ago in 2 nights. Sometimes 100 pages of books from 100 different places to start from the beginning I can not get into a story and I’m too happy to be able to read 510 pages at once. It’s right for my concentration conditions where lines are more fluid when the head is empty.

I believe that if you have a brother (girl doesn’t matter), it will be more meaningful. I do not believe that there is occasional contention, sometimes the fraternity of jealousy. This story is also the fruit of love, passion, faith, ambition, but essentially the indivisibility of being a brother.
And it’s about justice. Sometimes it’s just how much it hurts to be hurt if someone can be a crime. The analysis is different in each person.
I’m looking at a new plane book myself .. 🙂