Led traffic lights in Sydney: Should you opt for them?

Wondering why you should use LED traffic lights Sydney suppliers are offering?

No worries if you’re still on the fence about it.

They say LED lights are better than other types of light, such as incandescent bulbs.

Continue reading to find out if it’s true.

What are LED lights, anyway?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. LED lights convert electricity to light through electroluminescence. In this process, the electrons in the semiconductor recombine with the electron holes, which produces energy in photons. Click here AGD Australia

Why are LED lights beneficial?

Almost every industry today prefers to invest in LED lights. You can see this even in the streets. It is pretty obvious with the number of LED traffic lights Sydney wide. Why are they so advantageous?

  • Long-lasting and reliable – LED lights last two years, which is about six times longer than the typical lights.
  • Sustainable – Because it will take long before you replace them, it means you will leave a narrower carbon footprint.
  • Cheap to manufacture – It does not take many resources to reproduce LED lights. The same applies to delivery and packaging.
  • Highly efficient – It is no wonder why they are many LED traffic lights in Sydney. Did you know that only 5% of its energy is wasted? The remaining energy becomes light.
  • Cuts a huge chunk from utility costs – LED lighting help you save up to 80% of electricity bills.

Various uses of LED lights

1. Traffic light

Nowadays, there are many Sydney LED traffic lights because they are far more reliable. With LED traffic lights, you will not worry about replacements in the next two years.

They don’t also demand high volumes of electricity, which can save your area up to thousands of dollars!

2. Bathroom vanity lights

Besides being efficient, LED lights are pleasant to the eyes. Therefore, it’s ideal for anybody and their vanity rituals, whether they’re fixing their mascara or shaving their grandpa beard!

These LED lights can also boast more or less than 30, 000 hours of power. This is already incredible, compared to other types of lighting.

3. Light therapy

Did you know that you can also use LED lights for therapy? Yes, skin care does not only involve expensive creams and fruit extract scrubs.

LED light therapy is a process that use colour wavelengths to permeate the person’s skin. The skin then absorbs the light as an energy source. Afterwards, healing takes place.

The energy stimulates cells to generate more collagen, which promotes skin elasticity and improves blood flow!

4. Signage

Besides LED traffic lights Sydney wide, you can also observe plenty of LED signage in the area.

It’s no wonder why small shops and retail outlets would opt for LED signage. They don’t cost a lot and they last long—it’s definitely perfect for illuminating high traffic areas in downtown at night!

In a nutshell…

LED lights will not only treat your pockets; they will also contribute to preserving the environment!

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Why AGD Australasia?

AGD Australasia has a plethora of equipment for public transportation and highways. It’s safe to say that you won’t have trouble looking for what you need in their site.

They also supply traffic controllers, radars, car park installation, and loading docks.

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