Fashion tips 101: How to create your own style

Tired of wearing the same old top from the rack as long as it fits you? Whether it’s Australian fashion labels or ordinary thrift outfits, you can stand out—just learn how to create your style.

Nothing is original these days. Nevertheless, don’t let that hold you back. Sure, you can get inspirations from any fashion magazine or influencer; but what matters is your execution, darling—that’s where the real difference lies.

Australian Fashion Labels

Follow these tips in creating your own style.

1. Gather as much inspiration as you can.

Everything is derivative these days but your interpretation will still make a difference. Therefore, it’s okay if you watch out for trendsetters, as long as their body shapes are similar to yours.

Investigate, so you can gather enough resources for building your own style. What type of materials does their Keepsake dresses have, for instance? Are they plus size? Are they made of cotton, rayon, or Polyester?

2. Start with the basics.

These pieces will be good ingredients for mixing and matching. These can be anything from famous Australian fashion labels to the simplest cotton shirt brandsAs long as you have these fundamentals, you don’t have to spend on unnecessary outfits anymore.

1. High-quality blue denim jeans – For the chic women who are always on the go, you can never go wrong with these reliable pair.

2. Soft cotton white shirt – The most versatile piece on your wardrobe. Pair it with a black leather jacket to look punk rock. Wear it with a floral skirt to appear more casual and feminine.

3. Maxi dress – Think of a breezy Finders Keepers dress, perfect for an unplanned picnic at the beach.

4. Monochromatic slacks and blazers – For professional occasions, where you need to assert that you’re here to do strictly business.

5. Pencil skirt – Wear on casual afternoons or business meetings—pencil skirts are underrated and flexible pieces every girl must have on their wardrobe.

3. Sift the passing trends.

While there’s nothing wrong with observing trends, you have to learn how to pick the good ones from the bad. Not every “in” blouse or platform shoes fits your style. Learn to differentiate fashion from personal style.

Case in point: remember the shutter shades way back in the late 2000s? They were eccentric but impractical; but since Kanye wore them, many followed suit. Now, they look ridiculous. And they’re not useful. So, be careful with how you follow the trends or you’ll end up with useless junk in less than a year.

4. Break your taste.

Learn how to let go, sometimes. Why not try a neon Cameo dress, for instance? Even though you’ve always hated things that are blinding to the eye, you might like it if you pair with the right layers or shoes. See more here Australian fashion labels

Another cool thing about breaking your style is the chance to grow it. While trying new things, you might even discover something new about your style that you haven’t noticed before.

For example, if you’re a vintage Boho chic, there are dozens of ways to make your style look modern. You just have to experiment and make sure you highlight the good points.

Final thoughts

Creating your style won’t be an overnight process. Nevertheless, if you allow yourself to make mistakes and have fun, it will be worth it!

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